Air / वायु

The air element, known as "Vayu" in yogic philosophy, represents the breath of life, the subtle energy that flows through our bodies. Our Dhoop Cones, releasing fragrances like Sandalwood and Patchouli, create an atmosphere that encourages deep, intentional breathing and sets the stage for a profound connection with the air element as you delve into your practice.

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Yoga mats

Earth / पृथ्वी

Embrace stability and connectedness as you harmonize with the grounding energy of the earth element, known as 'Prithvi' in yogic philosophy. Ground your practice with our Earth Element collection. Our yoga mats, crafted with natural and sustainable materials, provide a solid foundation for your yoga journey.

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Copper water bottles

Water / जल

Immerse yourself in the essence of life as you sip from these eco-conscious vessels, embodying the 'Jal' element in yoga. Flow through your day with our Water Element collection. Our copper water bottles encourage the fluidity and adaptability of the water element, keeping your hydration cool and refreshing. I

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healing candles

Fire / अग्नि

Let the power of fire guide your practice and kindle your inner flame, in alignment with the 'Agni' element in yogic philosophy. Ignite your senses with our Fire Element collection. Our healing scented candles, thoughtfully infused with fragrances that warm the soul, create a space of passion and transformation.

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Space / स्थल

Embrace the expansiveness and connection of the space element, echoing the Space element in yogic philosophy. Expand your horizons with our Space Element collection. Our Yoga Essentials Bag, designed for versatility and space, represents the infinite possibilities of the cosmos.

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Meditation journal

Consciousness / चेतना

Awaken your inner self with wisdom within as you document your yoga and meditation journey, exploring the consciousness element. Our Yoga & Meditation Journal is a canvas for self-expression, reflection, and inner exploration.

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Yoga wear

Spirit / आत्मन

Awaken the spirit within our organic yoga wear. Available in a variety of colors and designs, it goes beyond just clothing; it's a statement of your inner world. Embrace your unique style and the essence of the 'Atman,' your inner spirit, as you flow through your practice. Let your attire become a reflection of your soul's journey.

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