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Kosmoh 100% Organic Mulmul Cotton Coord Set Unisex-Serene white (3 button placket neck design) ( Set of top & pants )

Kosmoh 100% Organic Mulmul Cotton Coord Set Unisex-Serene white (3 button placket neck design) ( Set of top & pants )

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Fit and Sizing

Organic mulmul cotton coordination sets, consisting of a top and pants, offer several benefits:

  1. Breathability: Mulmul cotton is lightweight and breathable, making it ideal for yoga practice or casual wear, especially in warmer weather.

  2. Softness: Mulmul cotton is known for its soft and smooth texture, providing comfort during long yoga sessions or everyday wear.

  3. Hypoallergenic: Organic mulmul cotton is free from harmful chemicals and pesticides, making it suitable for individuals with sensitive skin or allergies.

  4. Sustainability: Organic mulmul cotton is grown using sustainable farming practices that minimize environmental impact, making it an eco-friendly choice.

  5. Versatility: Coordination sets offer a convenient option for matching tops and pants, making it easy to put together a cohesive outfit for yoga or casual wear.

  6. Unisex Design: Unisex coordination sets can be worn by people of all genders, providing versatility and inclusivity in clothing options.

  7. Serene White Color: The serene white color of the coordination set adds a sense of purity and calmness, making it a versatile choice for various occasions.

Overall, organic mulmul cotton coordination sets in serene white offer a combination of comfort, sustainability, and style, making them an excellent choice for yoga practice or everyday wear.                                            

  • 100% Organic & Vegan
  • Hand Woven by Artisans
  • 100% Natural Dyes

Wash and Care

To maintain the longevity of your products, we recommend gentle handwashing with mild detergent in cold water. For copper water bottles, wash with care, rinse thoroughly, and allow them to air dry to preserve their integrity and therapeutic properties.

Free Shipping & 30-day Return

Slow fashion takes time. In order to avoid creating extra CO2 during transit, we limit the distance our clothes travel by consolidating everything in a fulfillment center, then ship out orders directly to you. Cutting out intermediary fulfillment facilities in the countries where our clothes are sold might mean that it takes a little longer for your order to arrive, but we think saving the emissions is worth it, don’t you?

Once your order is placed, it will ship out in 1-4 business days. After you receive a shipping confirmation, you can add on the shipping time estimates below.

  • India: 1-4 business days
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Sustainablility Report

Recycled and recyclable — when you’re finished with this item (a long, long time from now), recycle it with Kosmoh

  • 12 water bottles diverted from landfills
  • 8.83lbs CO2 prevented
  • 1.48gallons water saved
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